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Hello all!

Haven't posted in a while. Anyway, I'd like to announce that the third installment for both DynaDan and Shinobi Strike will indeed be a crossover game! Although there isn't an official name for the crossover (Other than DynaDan/Shinobi Strike 3) I'll keep you updated on the status of the game. So stay tuned!




2013-01-31 15:57:08 by sampearce8

Due to the request of a lot of commenters on Shonen Jump vs. Marvel, I'm holding a contest.

Whoever can find me mugen sprite sheets of Wolverine, Naruto, Luffy and Vegeta WILL BE CREDITED ON THIS GAME BOTH HERE AND ON KONGREGATE.

Here are the rules:

1. No whining
2. Read the first rule
3. Read the second rule
4. Send the sprite sheets to me on here via PM, or to my email

Thank you.


Check out my new game! Please?


Sneak Peek #3 of Manga vs. Marvel

2013-01-21 04:44:30 by sampearce8

Here it is!

Sneak Peek #3 of Manga vs. Marvel

Here's the other screenshot (like I promised) from Manga vs. Marvel.

Sneak Peek #2 of Manga vs. Marvel

Well guys, here you go. Here is one screenshot for the upcoming Manga vs. Marvel (NOTE: sprites may change, and sorry for keeping you guys waiting). This game should be out soon enough. There will also be 2 other screenshots posted on here.

Stay tuned.

Sneak Peek #1 of Manga vs. Marvel

Manga vs. Comics Preview?

2012-12-16 21:23:52 by sampearce8

Do you guys want a Manga vs. Comics demo? Or should I wait and just release the full version?
Up to you.

DynaDan 2 update

2012-12-13 00:36:29 by sampearce8

Are you guys ready? In a few days, you shall see the epic sequel to the original series: DynaDan 2!

Help DynaDan fight 9 bosses (some new, some old) and more bad guys as you blast through 18 levels of fun.
Don't worry, there's more detail in the levels, background music and more bad guys.
Stay tuned guys!


New Game Announcement

2012-11-11 20:07:06 by sampearce8

Aside from DynaDan 2 and Manga vs. Comics (which will come out soon, I promise), a third game will be released. But YOU get to choose which one will be released first:
-One game is a compilation of retro games wrapped into one (kind of like that really cool game that I have favorited, but done in my style)
-The other game is strictly a sonic parody game called asul (but doesn't feature sonic himself).

Choose Wisely!

About the Music

2012-10-28 20:06:32 by sampearce8

Looks like I've gotten good feedback off of the music I've made. But I'm still going to make games, so don't worry guys!
My goal in life is to be a game designing DJ (or something like that).